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Scars and muscles inhibition

Scars, no matter how old, disrupt the sensory nerves and the brain's ability to communicate with the area where the scar is: for a cesarean scar your abdominals, for lower back surgery it can weaken your abdominals as well. So what to do? By releasing scars all over your body no matter how old and then by restoring function in the muscles underneath those scars.

An effective way to restore the function of the muscle affected by the scar is to perform and active release. Release the scar using myofascial techniques then engage the muscle where the scar is. In the example of the shoulder you will engage the anterior deltoid plus biceps.

Scar Tissue affects all of the systems in the body.

Surgeries involving internal organs also produce scar tissue and visceral adhesions that can affect the ability of other structures in the body to function correctly. Since all organs have connections with other soft tissue structures and many have ligamentous attachments to the spine, scar tissue in or around organs can create pain, disease and widespread musculoskeletal dysfunction (Rolf, 1989).

For example, the gallbladder and bile duct are connected to the liver and pancreas. These, in turn, are fascially connected to the diaphragm which is attached to the rib cage. A surgery to any of these three organs, therefore, produces scar tissue that can disrupt breathing and function of the rib cage. Needless to say, this can impede performance and cause many musculoskeletal imbalances (Gray, 1995).

Never underestimate your scars no ​matter how old they are.

​To clarify if you have scars your brain doesn't necessarily recognise the muscle underneath the scar and can stop using it making it dormant. This is usually when compensation patterns can occur and you can start using smaller muscles and overloading them.

The good news is you can restore muscle function and strength very quickly when you know how and you follow my Method Body Activation 101. It doesn't matter how old you had the scar for with my guidance you can start getting your strength back in a matter of days.

To release your caesarean scar follow this step-by-step guide every morning for 7 days then start implementing some core activation exercises. Download the free guide below:

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